Alkaline Soak Cleaners

Effective cleaning dictates the performance of the subsequent processes in your system. These high performance cleaners remove standard surface contaminants like grease, shop dirt etc. Our products cater to a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Since every metal needs to be cleaned differently, we offer a large number of metal specific cleaning variants in our portfolio. Surfaces are sure to appear bright and be ‘active’ after this process.


Our electrolytic cleaners are highly reliable and industry tested. They are suitable for removing standard surface contaminants (liquid, solids and particulates). Our cleaners can be used anodically and cathodically for ferrous metals (including steel) and non-ferrous metals. These cleaners work well in eradicating tenacious scale, grease, oxides, smut and similar debris to make your substrate process ready.


With a world that is becoming environmentally responsible everyday, we realized the need of a truly green variant for cleaning. These products are carefully created through a natural fermentation process making them superior to other acidic and alkaline cleaners. These are mild to the user, the material and the environment yet are very efficient in removing lime scale, rust and oxides.

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