Gold Processes


Our flash gold process is completely free of sodium and potassium cyanide. The processes are designed for minimum gold wastage, are suitable for RACK and BARREL plating and are especially useful for gold over gold plating. A high reflective, mirror bright and yellow 24 KT gold color is obtained. Applications include – jewelry, watch and bag accessories, hardware, electronics etc.


This process is specifically designed for rack plating of jewelry items. It is a mildly acidic gold alloy formulation capable of leaving a mirror bright 14-karat gold alloy deposit at very high speeds on the substrate.


Bright acid gold plating process designed to enhance the aesthetics and life of complex jewelry pieces. A non-tarnishing, uniform and mirror bright deposit is obtained in a variety of colors from pale and delicate yellows to the rich fullness of 24KT.

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Created for ultra-high speed plating operations where high micron gold is a requirement. It is a mildly acidic electroplating process where a 99.9% pure and hard deposit is rendered.


Nickel-hardened acid type gold electroplating system especially formulated for barrel and rack plating applications. Pure and hard deposits are obtained with excellent throwing power and solderability making this process ideal for electronic components, contacts and connectors.

  • Costume jewelry
  • Cutlery
  • Spectacle frames
  • Watch and pen accessories

White Metal Processes


Acidic electrolyte for producing stable, dark, black and thick deposits for jewelry and other decorative industrial applications. A consistent non-tarnishing ruthenium deposit is obtained on the base metal.


Neutral palladium electroplating process specifically designed to deposit a 99.9% pure palladium deposit. A brilliant white to blue coating is observed which works excellently as a topcoat for bright nickel, bronze or silver.

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A mirror bright, highly reflective, extremely hard and durable deposit is produced. This process is ideal for costume jewelry, watchcases, optical goods, writing instruments, cigarette lighters etc.


Cyanide based high efficiency electrolyte for silver plating of decorative surfaces. A silvery-white deposit is obtained which is highly resistant to corrosion and can be used in rack and barrel plating applications. This process is ideal for silver plating on silver.

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