We understand that effective cleaning is a prerequisite for most metal treatment processes. Our cleaners are designed to be compatible with a variety of metallic surfaces and will perfectly integrate into your system.

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Chemicals For Metal Pretreatment

Effective pre-treatment of metals accelerates the performance of other plating and coating processes. We realize that this phase in a complete metal treatment system is as important as the other more complex finishing processes and this is why we bring to you technologically advanced pre treatment processes. Our products are effective on work pieces of all shapes and sizes, irrespective of their hardness and mechanical stability and are especially great for structurally complex products with internal bores, hollow spaces and apertures.

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General Metal Finishing

Chemical technology has opened up the possibilities of enhancing the capabilities of metals. With A class plating technologies, metals can now be made to fit a lot of our decorative, functional and industrial needs. Our general metal finishing division is our oldest division making it one of our core competences. We offer a range of different plating chemicals for precious and non precious metals. Our solutions are flexible and customizable based on your requirements. Explore our portfolio to view the range.

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Electrophoretic Paint

The electrophoretic painting method, also known as e-coating and electrocoating, is a method of applying paint type coatings in a variety of colors on electrically conductive surfaces. Its application method makes it very suitable for painting complex shapes and items. Even fine details in the “mm” size range and smaller can be coated consistently with controlled thickness. This precision coating technique provides advanced decorative performance and functional capabilities. Electrophoretic coatings can be applied on all industrial metals.

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Zinc Flake Coatings

Zinc Flake Coating is achieved by taking zinc and adding this to an inorganic binder. This creates a material that is functional in its performance and simple to apply. It has certain advantages over more traditional plating systems such as issues relating to component size, density problems and embrittlement can be avoided.

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Nano technology coatings are made with nano-composite inorganic oxide particles creating an extremely hard and durable surface. Nano coatings are manufactured using a controlled chemical reaction in a reactor. This process forms covalent molecular bonds (the strongest of all chemical bonds) between the nano composites and polymer molecules and becomes an integrated lattice nano-matrix.

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Specialty Spray Coatings

Our specialty spray and decor coatings are great for giving your surfaces a personalised or decorative finish. From water transfer printing to apply custom designs to spray-on stone effects and antiquing, we can offer the right process to achieve the perfect effect for your surface.

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Effluent Treatment Chemicals

At progressive, our aim is to cater to all your finishing needs, we understand that metal finishing processes generate effluents that can cause acute harm to the environment and therefore we have in our portfolio effluent treatment chemicals that effectively neutralize chemical and metal waste before it leaves your system.

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Plant & Equipment

At progressive we don’t stop at just providing you surface finishing chemicals, we believe in truly giving you the complete solution. It is due to this that we have a full fledge engineering division that can build and manufacture a variety of plating and pre treatment plants. We also specialize in building customized plating equipment such as jigs, barrels and danglers for your specific application.

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Pharmaceutical Chemicals

At progressive, our aim is to cater to all your needs by staying upto date with world news. The pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone. Taking this into consideration we have created a range of products to help people stay safe and healthy. Some of the products are STERILITE Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, STERISOAP Antibacterial soap, Titan Coloring, 3 in 1 Cleaner for Hospitals etc

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