Nano coatings for metals has certain advantages over older protection processes such as anodising or powder paint, in that it is more environmentally friendly, generates minimal waste product and allows for brighter finishes which can create a more high value product. It provides excellent anti-corrosion, high brightness levels for coloured finishes and provides a reliable coating as a single process.

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  • Environmentally Friendly – low waste production keeps it green.
  • Excellent Anti-Corrosion Ability – from a strong chemical bonding force.
  • Ultra-thin Coatings – whilst maintaining original metallic aesthetic
  • High Performance – hard wearing, easy to clean and graffiti proof.
  • Cusomisable – options to tailor the colour and brightness.
  • Alluminium
  • Magnesium Alloys
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel


Our anti-corrosion sealants provide excellent protection against rust proven to withstand over 1000 hours of high-salt spray performance. Our Nano Coating Sealants don’t contain any heavy metals which reduces pollution and waste disposal costs. They can be applied in ultra thin layers and used for low or high temperature applications.

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Environmentaly Friendly – the use of non-heavy metals reduces pollution and reduces disposal costs.

High Performance – proven to withstand over 1000 hours of high salt spray with no rust.

Ultra-thin Coatings – perfect for reducing screw gage measurement tolerances.

Low Usage – an even coating can be applied using the smallest amount of sealant, making it truly cost effective.


Barrel Plating

Hanging Plating


The Dip Spin process is an effective way to cover small metal parts with a protective coating. The mechanism uses centrifugal force to bleed excess material from the parts leaving only an even thin layer covering the surface. Dip Spin Coating is primarily used as the top coat process on zinc plating fasteners but also on zinc-rich coatings to improve non-uniformity and recess filling issues.

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