Protective Surface Systems provides solutions for protecting a variety of surfaces across a wide range of industries and applications. Industries include automotive, construction, hospitality, agriculture, property, public sector, transport and even recreation. Surfaces include a multitude of metals, plastics and even wood. No matter the range of surfaces you need coated Progressive Surface Systems combines its expertise with that of its partners to provide you a holistic solution that meets all your needs.


Automobiles undergo intense environmental and operational stresses and the likelihood of corrosions is greatly maximized. Our coatings are effectively used on internal and external parts of the vehicles.

Examples include, under-the-hood components, power steering systems, chassis hardware, brake systems, grills, bumpers, wheel rims etc.


Our coatings play a defining role in creating imitation jewelry that retains the panache of precious metal jewelry. From earrings to bangles and pendants, our systems can coat a large range of intricate structures. Our products go the extra mile of servicing other ancillary applications such as buttons, buckles, zippers, leather and bag accessories. This has been one of our longest catered markets.


Our products find large applications in this space. From households to office spaces and hotels, our coatings find their way onto a large range of functional items. Our coatings are applied on door handles, hinges, faucets, shower fixtures, knobs etc. The large range of finishes are designed to cater to current trends in the interior decor space to ensure that we are always relevant.


Electronic components such as printed circuit boards, adaptors, connectors, semi conductors, contacts. Chemicals for these have applications in most of electricity dependent products today and therefore contribute to a large part of our offerings.


Our products are applied on all types of hardware devices used to affix objects together. Nails, nuts, screws, bolts, threaded fasteners, clamps etc. These are essential to engineering and building complex objects and therefore essential for development.


At progressive, our aim is to cater to all your needs by staying upto date with world news. The pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone. Taking this into consideration we have created a range of products to help people stay safe and healthy. Some of the products are STERILITE Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, STERISOAP Antibacterial soap, Titan Coloring, 3 in 1 Cleaner for Hospitals etc

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