Zinc Flake Coating is achieved by taking zinc and adding this to an inorganic binder. This creates a material that is functional in its performance and simple to apply. It has certain advantages over more traditional plating systems such as issues relating to component size, density problems and embrittlement can be avoided.


Environmental Response – Zinc Flake Coating is free from hazardous substances including chromium, lead and mercury.

Superior Anti-Corrosion – Salt spray tests have proven the strength of this coating, lasting for more than 2000 hours, making it perfect for use as a protective film for stainless steel properties.

Free from Hydrogen Embrittlement – This means the usual pickling and electrolytic processes are not needed, making it a perfect treatment for high tensile strength carbon steel.

Thin Film Heat Resistance – The thin film helps fasteners fit well and with the added ability to withstand temperatures up to 3500°C.

Adhesion with Top Coat – With excellent adhesion performance, Zinc Flake Coating realises the corrosion prevention, design characteristic and optimal functionality.

Coating Film Physicality Due to its hardness the destruction and loss if the bolts and screws can be reduced during the invasion.


Zinc Flake Coating is commonly used throughout the following industries and products;

  • Fasteners & Hardware Fittings
  • Bicycles
  • Cable Racks
  • Industrial Parts & Equipment
  • Architectural Hardware
  • Solor Panels
  • Bridges
  • The Communication Sector
  • Automobiles
  • The Power Sector
  • Railways
  • Wind Farms

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