Automatic | Semi-Automatic | Manual


  • Immersion tanks,
  • Spray-picking chambers,
  • Spray pickling large-scale application equipment


  • Tanks: can be operated by hand or by crane and by semi-automated and fully automated equipment for treatment in baskets or on jigs.
  • Drum equipment: processing large batches of pourable small parts
  • POLILINE: processing of magnetizable precision parts in a continuous through-feed process
  • Reel-to-reel installations: wires, strips and chains
  • Tube-polishing plants: internal polishing of tubes up to a length of approx. 8 meters


  • Immersion baths: operation by hand or using a crane and by semi and fully automated equipment with volumes from 30 to approx. 30,000 litres for processing individual or series parts on contact frames.
  • Barrelling plant: precise and cost-effective processing of large numbers of small parts.
  • POLILINE: electropolishing magnetizable small parts in a continuous process
  • Continuous reel-to-reel systems: processing wire, strips and chains
  • Tube polishing plant: processing the inside and outside of tubes and pipes.


Anodizers require well-engineered plants for the many intermediate steps in a typical anodizing line. To ensure that the finish on the substrate remains uncompromised, we offer full fledge plants that cover the entire process from cleaning to sealing and electro coloring. Our ability to set it up for our customers from the start ensures that they have efficiency and consistency in their lines every step of the way.


A Large range of automatic, semi automatic and manual plants can be devised as per your specific application. We customize our engineering solutions for every customer based on their space, cost and other constraints. Some examples of automatic plating plants include –

  • Rolling type plating equipment
  • Carrier type plating plant
  • Rotary type plating
  • Auto rolling phosphate plating equipment
  • Tilt type chucking and coloring plant
  • Single arm rolling system
  • Fully automatic beveling type system
  • Auto chemical imparting system
  • Coil to coil lead frame system
  • FCB and PCB auto lines


We provide an end-to-end solution for businesses looking to set up an efficient and reliable electrophoretic plant. The following equipment can be set up in an organized line system for ease of handling.

Plant components:

  • Tank Console: Pre rinse, post rinse, lacquering tanks.
  • Cartridge filter: Filtration and dust particle removal
  • Hot air blower unit: Removal excess drops of lacquer
  • Curing oven To cure the lacquer for efficient binding to the substrate
  • Rectifier
  • Ultrafilter: removal of water dissolved impurities
  • DM water plant
  • Chiller unit: To chill the unit and maintain an idel process temperature

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